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What is Hip Xpert?

Hip Xpert

Hip Xpert is a customized planning and navigation system that improves the precision and efficiency of hip replacement surgery. The two key components of the Hip Xpert system are:

  • A detailed software-based 3D plan for the surgery based on the patient’s anatomy that your surgeon can review, reference, and edit during the procedure.
  • A highly-precise alignment instrument that is adjusted to the pelvis based on the 3D plan helps to align the socket component during the procedure.

Indications for Hip Xpert

The Hip Xpert system can be used for any type of hip replacement surgery including:

  • Posterior total hip replacement
  • Revision hip replacement
  • Anterior total hip replacement
  • Hip resurfacing
  • Hip replacement for severe fractures
  • Hip replacement for oncologic disease

How the HipXpert System Works

Utilizing the HipXpert system involves the following steps:

  • Before the surgery, your doctor will order a CT scan of your hip.
  • The CT scan images are uploaded on the HipXpert website.
  • Based on the images obtained from the CT scan, a 3D model of the hip joint will be developed by the hip Xpert system.
  • Adjustments are made to the alignment instrument that docks on the pelvis to help implantation of the acetabular cup.
  • Your doctor will then place the 3D model into the computer navigated model of the hip socket.
  • This provides a clear view of the artificial cup within the bone and facilitates accurate positioning during surgery.
  • The customized hip plan will be provided to your surgeon which helps them to review and modify the plan before the surgery.
  • After the cup is implanted a 3-D view of the pelvis and cup is displayed to visually confirm concordance between the plan and what is seen in surgery.
  • This provides a clear view of any peripheral osteophytes that need to be resected. After the trial reduction, the implants are placed.

Benefits of Hip Xpert

Benefits of Hip Xpert include:

  • Highly Efficient: It takes about 3 minutes to use the Hip Xpert alignment instrument in the operating room and can reduce the need for repeated trials and intraoperative fluoroscopy.
  • Improved Accuracy: The alignment of the acetabular component can be done within 4 degrees of the planned anteversion and inclination. 
  • Patient-Specific Intelligence: The detailed surgical plan includes component sizing and positioning, offset, pelvic tilt, leg length, and tuning parameters. 
  • Cloud-Based Planning: The surgical plan is posted on HIPAA-compliant servers and can be downloaded before surgery.
  • Open Platform: The Hip Xpert system supports more than 20 different types of implant systems.
  • Any Surgical Approach: The Hip Xpert system supports any different surgical techniques such as anterior approach or posterior approach surgery. 
  • Cost-Effective: It is a comparatively affordable navigation and planning system. 
  • Minimally Invasive: There is less injury to surrounding anatomical structures. 
  • Minimal Scarring: Less scar tissue and adhesions is ensuring better aesthetic and functional outcomes.

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